My history

I graduated with honors in 2002 at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University (Milan) and in 2007 I specialized with honors in Cognitive and Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy at the "Cognitive Studies" Institute of Sandra Sassaroli in Milan .


I am an EMDR Accredited Consultant and Facilitator, for the treatment of disorders resulting from trauma (EMDR), (accidents, physical abuse, sudden loss of a family member) and in the case of repeated trauma (abuse in childhood). In the intense experience of using this technique, I have also developed a specific expertise in the treatment of dissociation and related disorders.


I worked from 2002 to 2009 as a Neuropsychologist in the Clinical Neuroscience Department of the San Raffaele Hospital, where, in addition to carrying out clinical activities in the psychiatric rehabilitation department, I was involved in scientific research in the field of neuropsychological deficit (memory difficulties, attention and concentration, etc.), I have lectured at the Master of Psychopharmacology and I have followed numerous three-year and five-year theses.

The work in this area of specialization has continued since 2010 in collaboration with the US company NeurocogTrials, where I train psychologists who administer tests in research.

For several years I have been practicing yoga continuously, aware of the benefits that numerous scientific studies have now shown derive from the practice, so much so that I can now obtain yoga a form of integrative therapy of psychotherapy. I therefore trained to integrate yoga into my work as a psychotherapist by becoming a Yogaalliance RYT 500 certified Odaka Yoga teacher, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator and Trainer (TCTSY) yoga therapy evidence-based as an integrative approach to complex PTSD therapy (post- traumatic resulting from exposure to various repeated traumas both large and relational since childhood).

I am the author of numerous publications in the area of Neuropsychology and Psychiatry and I participated in the writing of the book "The neuropsychological examination of the adult. Clinical and forensic applications"

My professional experiences


I interned in the psychiatrist department of the San Raffaele Turro hospital, Milan, since the third year of university, and then I worked as a clinic and researcher at the general psychiatry department in the area of behavioral and cognitive rehabilitation Psychosis until 2009. From 2004 I began to deal with the treatment and study of eating disorders of adolescents and adults at the Outpatient Department for Eating Disorders of the Department of Psychiatry of the San Paolo Hospital, Milan, where I still work today. In addition to holding individual therapies and group psychoeducation in the outpatient clinic, I deal with clinical research, the training of students and postgraduates in psychotherapy and theses with students from different faculties.

The interest in this disorder prompted me to found NutriMente Onlus, a non-profit association with some colleagues, which aims to promote prevention, awareness and training in the field of eating disorders. In addition to being present on the Board of Directors of the Association, I have contributed to creating, together with fellow therapists and certified yoga teachers, specific yoga sessions for those suffering from eating disorders.

Since 2007 I have been collaborating with various teams of fellow Doctors, Neuropsychologists and Psychiatrists in the freelance activity, which soon in different areas of specialization, also in English.

I have been offering Trauma sensitive Yoga groups both in my studio and in collaboration with no-profit organization (Nutrimente and Prometeo Onlus).


I consider it a fundamental mission of my work and never competence to train as many doctors, therapists and yoga teachers in the trauma-informed approach, which takes into account that as we are today it can depend on stressful events that occurred in childhood, and therefore adapt the their way of communicating and working according to a more holistic (body / mind) approach to the problem.

I then became a TCTSY certified Trainer and I am part of the Odaka Yoga school training team for the Trauma Informed Module. 

Where you can find me

I am the Director of the FTTW (From Trauma to Wellness) private study that aims to provide a 360 ° support and care service, through the collaboration of professionals and the integration of psychotherapeutic, pharmacological and medical treatments to obtain the most effective treatment for various psychiatric pathologies ( anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic disorder, personality disorders, dissociative disorders, etc.) and chronic body disorders (functional gastrointestinal disorders, fibromyalgia, vaginismus, etc.)

The approach common to all the protessionists of the study is based on the role of trauma, defined both as large T (very intense and unique traumatic events) and small t (stressful and traumatic events mostly relational which occurred repeatedly since childhood), is hence informed trauma.


- At the EMDR and Anorexia center, with a team specialized in the EMDR approach and in the treatment of eating disorders of adults, adolescents and children (as well as psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists and dieticians).


- in collaboration with the Rutigliano-Trasatti Law Firm I offer psychological assistance and support (and psychotherapeutic support if needed) in cases of causes resulting from traumatic events (accidents, dismissals, family events, bereavement) and separations. In this last case, preliminary psychological assistance is very important because it allows parents to focus attention on the emotional consequences of the event on their own and their children's psychic balance, and to be guided with the joint lawyer-psychologist work also in research. an agreement on the choice of separation conditions.



Name Studio FTTW

Street Viale Andrea Doria 17

Stair A, 5th Floor

Milan, italy


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